Izzy's Love Equine Rescue

501c3 Non Profit helping equines of all breeds 

​Timmy the mini and Jasper have fallen on hard times.  Their owner passed away and they needed a safe place to go.  Timmy and Jasper are both in need of medical/dental/farrier care and a new diet.

While Timmy is an easy rehab, Jasper has some concerning bloodwork that we are addressing.

This young jenny and her 2 babies came off of a cattle farm.  They have had very little farrier, medical, or dental care in their short lives.  They also have not been handled.  We are working on getting them healthy, friendly, and ready for pet friendly homes.  The mom of the bunch is very sweet and allows us to brush her.  She will need surgery to remove a mass that is growing on her belly.  Her surgery will cost $300.00.  The younger jenny is starting to warm up to us with treats and the jack is the scared one of the group.  They will all need vaccines which will cost 150.00 each, dentals 65.00 each, farrier care 30.00 each, and worming 20.00 each.  Getting them ready for homes, free because we love what we do


Betsy was also rescued from New Holland.  She is a very sweet aged draft mule.  Here she is getting her teeth floated by our dentist with Izzy assisting.  We pay 65.00 a horse for their dental care.

This handsome fellow prefers to give kisses and be loved over his food.  He is a young jack and will need to be gelded before he can head off to a new home.  He also is in need of dental care, farrier care, medical care, and worming.  His castration surgery will cost us approx. $300.00  His vaccines will be $150.00, farrier care $30.00, and worming $20.00  I try to not pick favorites but this guy is such a lover!!!!!

Izzy and our 3 yr old rescue pony Annie will be doing the Rescued to Stardom competition at the Horse World Expo held in Harrisburg Pa.  Izzy will be working with our trainer Erin O'Neil getting Annie ready to be started undersaddle and then eventually riding.  Follow along on our facebook page to see updates and watch how these team comes together.


This cute couple came to us in need of farrier care, medical care, and worming.  Thankfully they were friendly donkeys and were easy to handle.

The jenny needed surgery to remove a mass that had been growing.  Both donkeys required vaccines, worming, and farrier care.

UPDATE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ​

These 2 lucky donkeys landed in a great home and have been named Mork and Mindy