Izzy's Love Equine Rescue

501c3 Non Profit helping equines of all breeds 

Falcon was an owner surrender to our rescue 2 years ago.  He has been out to 3 different homes and has been returned due to some ground manners.  After the third return we decided it was best for Falcon to stay with us since we know how he can be.  He seems to respond well to Izzy and they make a great team.

​​Name:  Charlie

Breed:  Mule

Age :  Aged

Charlie was purchased at our local horse auction for $100.00.  We were hoping a family would bid on him but unfortunately only a dealer had interest in Charlie.  Charlie had a very hard time adjusting to his new home at the rescue and with him being an aged senior we feel it is in Charlies best interest to remain at our rescue as a sanctuary pony.  He enjoys his time out in the field and giving Izzy and occasional ride.

Homer and Otie are quite the pair here at the rescue.  Otie had some issues adjusting to  other equines and we were not comfortable adopting him out.  After putting him out with Homer they formed a bond and get along great.  Although they like to escape and get in to trouble, they are a blast to have around.