Buck and Betsy and some of our oldest sanctuary horses. Both are aged 25+ years old. Buck and Betsy are a couple who stay very close to one another. They eat together, sleep together, and sometimes pick on one another. 

Buck and Betsy currently do not have a monthly sponsor. 

 Homer and Ellie are quite the pair here at the rescue.  Homer has been with the rescue for several years.  He is a character and loves to explore the property.  Ellie came to us 2 yrs ago after experiencing some trauma resulting in her losing her tail.  Ellie is very shy and follows Homer everywhere.

Izzy's Love Equine Rescue

501c3 Non Profit helping equines of all breeds 

Misty is also one of our oldest residents aged at 27 years old.  Misty came to us via animal control when her owners could no longer care for her.  Misty likes hanging out with the youngsters of the farm.  Misty currently does not have a monthly sponsor.

Herbie fits in with the senior group.  Herbie is also aged at 25 years old.  We watched Herbie be advertised for several weeks and then was headed to new holland horse sale.  We bought Herbie so he would not end up in the slaughter pipeline.  Herbie enjoys his days grazing with the horses and just enjoying life. 

Herbie currently does not have a monthly sponsor.