Every dollar that is donated to the rescue helps equines like the ones pictured get a second chance at life. 

Buck and Betsy are 2 of our oldest sanctuary horses.  They require a special diet of soaked hay pellets.  They currently eat 100 lbs every other day.  One 50lb bag cost 18.99.  Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor.

We are ready to refill our hayloft for winter.  We will need 1500 bales of hay to feed he rescues this winter.  we are currentlt paying $6.50 a bale.  This is one of our biggest expensive for our rescue.  Donations help cover this expense and keeps are rescue tummies full.

We are in need of more shelters for our rescue horses.  We have a nice 7 acre pasture the horses are able to enjoy only temporarily because there is not shelter in the field.  We are also in need of a quarantine stall for new rescues.  Both of these sheds are available from the same company we have purchased from in the past.  They offer us free delivery to help cut down the expense.  We are currently trying to raise 13, 400.00 to purchase these sheds.

Izzy's Love Equine Rescue

501c3 Non Profit helping equines of all breeds 

Izzy and her rescued to stardom horse will be preparing for the 2022 world horse expo. This will be Izzy's third year competing. Follow along to see updates and watch how the training progresses.