Every dollar that is donated to the rescue helps equines like the ones pictured get a second chance at life. 

Betsy was also rescued from New Holland.  She is a very sweet aged draft mule.  Here she is getting her teeth floated by our dentist with Izzy assisting.  We pay 65.00 a horse for their dental care.

Izzy and I like to celebrate our birthdays  by going to an auction and saving a horse/pony/donkey/ mini.  We just celebrated my birthday and this little guy was our save.  He is a yearling with some deformities in his legs.  izzy's birthday is coming up on July 14th and she wants to rescue an equine from the auction.  We are raising funds so we can make the difference in  an equines life  

Izzy's Love Equine Rescue

501c3 Non Profit helping equines of all breeds 

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