Betsy was also rescued from New Holland.  She is a very sweet aged draft mule.  Here she is getting her teeth floated by our dentist with Izzy assisting.  We pay 65.00 a horse for their dental care.

On Saturday November 14th Izzy and I attended a different horse auction.  We saw this skinny mare and knew we wanted to help her.  Izzy named her Ruth and she is the sweetest horse. 

Ruths teeth show years of neglect and she will need to see the dentist.  She had her initial visit with the vet, has a nutrition plan, and has a dental appointment scheduled.  Obviously Ruth is going to be a long term rehab requiring special feeds, alfalfa hay, dental visits, and eventually vet visits to receive her vaccines.  She has been here a week and is loving all her small meals.

Every dollar donated towards Ruth will be used to cover her her needs.

Izzy's Love Equine Rescue

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Every dollar that is donated to the rescue helps equines like the ones pictured get a second chance at life.